Master Plan - Current Situation / Needs


Current Situation / Needs


The Lockland School District has been in place since 1851. Our current buildings are 107 years old. Due to normal use and excessive years, the buildings have many needs.


The buildings have six boilers to run the heating system (HVAC). Currently only one is operational.


The building needs new HVAC systems, our security systems are outdated, and the roof leaks in a multitude of locations.


It takes tax payer money to keep the building warm, safe and dry. To fix these challenges it would cost the following:

-HVAC, roof, plumbing, security and doors- $15 million

-Upgrade Technology - Wi-Fi, security cameras, and furniture $ millions more


For Fiscal Year 2018 alone, we spent the following for utilities:

- $70,000 a year for water

-$155,300 a year for Gas & Electric


With an insulated building, current HVAC systems and new pipes, we will dramatically reduce the utility costs and be fiscally responsible with our money.


Rather than waste tax payer money on short-term repairs, it is financially more efficient and less expensive to renovate with current and updated resources and technology.


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