Junior-Senior Prom Expectations

Junior-Senior Prom Expectations

Expectations for Students Attending Prom

  1. LHS Students and guests must comply with all LHS rules and behavior standards.

  2. The bottom of this form must be completed and on file with Ms. Barmen by May 6, 2015.If this form is not on file, you will not be permitted to leave early and you will not be permitted to enter prom and no refund will be given.

  3. You MUST be in attendance at school through at least a half day (12:00pm) on the Friday of prom in order to be eligible to attend.No exceptions.If you are not in school for at least one half day on the Friday of prom, you will not be permitted to enter prom and no ticket refund will be given.Students must sign out in the high school office.

  4. This is a Junior-Senior prom; therefore, freshman and sophomores cannot purchase tickets.

  5. Juniors and Seniors are permitted to bring freshman and sophomores.Middle-schoolers will not be permitted.Guests 21 and over will not be permitted.

  6. Each student/guest needs their own ticket to enter.You may not bring more than 1 guest.

  7. If you are bringing a non-Lockland student, they must complete an “Event Guest Form” and show a photo ID.Non-Lockland guests will not be permitted without a photo ID.The “Guest Event Form” must be on file by May 6th, 2015 or else that guest will not be permitted to enter.

  8. We are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.All tickets are numbered and assigned to you - only you can enter with the specific ticket.

  9. All students will check in at the door.

  10. Students must remain at the venue until 10:30 unless your parent signs you out.You will not be able to leave the building and come back inside.You are not permitted to go to your vehicle and come back in.Students who do not comply will be subject to disciplinary actions.

  11. Dress expectations: Ladies should wear formal dresses that are appropriate as determined by Prom Chaperones and Administration if you have a question, ask Ms. Chicketti prior to prom.Men should dress nicely, preferably in a tux or a suit.Jeans are not permitted.

  12. Any student who does not comply with the directives of the administration or chaperones will be removed from the dance and parents notified.

  13. LHS reserves the right to use a breathalyzer and/or drug test on any prom attendee.

  14. Please remember the LHS code of conduct regarding tobacco/drugs/alcohol:A student is not permitted to possess, use, purchase, sell/distribute tobacco products or paraphernalia at any school-sponsored activity.A student shall not buy, sell, use, possess, conceal, show signs of, or distribute alcohol, drugs (any controlled substance), alcohol, counterfeit controlled substances (any substance made to look like a controlled substance), or drug paraphernalia at any school sponsored activity.


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