Junior-Senior Prom Guest form

Junior-Senior Prom Guest form


Lockland High School Prom Guest Permission Form

In order to attend the Lockland High School Prom, all guests must agree to comply with the following guidelines and submit the completed Guest Permission Form to Ms. Barmen by May 6, 2015. If this form is not turned in, your guest will not be permitted to enter prom and no refund will be given.

1) LHS students and guests must comply with all LHS rules and behavior standards.

2) Guest Form must be on file by May 6, 2015 or the guest will not be allowed to enter prom and no refund will be given. No exceptions.

3) LHS students are permitted to bring ONE guest to a dance.

4) Guests must present a current photo ID to be admitted to prom.

5) Guests MAY NOT be middle-schoolers. Guests MAY NOT be 21 or older.

6) Students are not permitted to leave before 10:30pm unless signed out by a parent.

7) LHS reserves the right to use a breathalyzer/drug test on any prom attendee.

8) Any student or guest who does not comply with the directives of the administration or chaperones will be removed from the dance and parents will be notified.

9) All female students must wear appropriate dresses (see student handbook for dress guidelines).

10) All dance styles must comply with modesty and safety standards. The administration and chaperones will be the final judge.

11) Any forged signatures will result in forfeiture of attendance. Refunds will not be given. Disciplinary action may be taken.

12) Students must be in attendance at school until 12:00pm the day of prom and sign out in the office if leaving at this time.

13) Tickets will not be sold at the dance. Students without tickets will not be admitted. No exceptions.

Lockland High School Prom Guest Permission Form

LHS Student Name: __________________________________________ Grade: _______


Name: ________________________________ Age: ______ School:_____ ____________

Parent Name: ____________________________________________________________

Parent phone number: Cell ______________________ Home ______________________

As a guest of LHS, I understand that I am under the authority of LHS rules and expectations and will conduct myself in an appropriate manner at all times during the dance. I have read the LHS Prom Rules and understand the expectations. Additionally, I understand that I must provide a photo ID to be admitted to the event. If I fail to bring the ID, I will not be able to attend.

Guest Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _____________

Parent of Guest Signature: _______________________________ Date: _____________

Emergency contact information: _____________________________________________


I understand that the above guest will be attending Prom with my son/daughter. All school rules and regulations apply during the dance. If there is a violation of these rules, the above student and guest will be asked to leave the event, may be referred to the authorities, the LHS student may be subject to school discipline consequences, and I will be contacted immediately.

Parent Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _____________

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