Suggestions for Healthy Birthday Snacks

Suggestions for Healthy Birthday Snacks
I am delighted to share this list of ideas with parents and guardians who are struggling with new school policies for healthier classroom foods or who are anxious to limit sweets and junk food in children’s diets. I hope you’ll add your own ideas to augment my list:


1. Chocolate dipped strawberries
2. Fruit and yogurt parfaits with mini chocolate chips and and store-bought or homemade granola.
3. Popcorn (homemade or store-bought and low salt)
4. Healthy granola bars
5. Graham crackers
6. Muffins or breads, such as banana, pumpkin, corn, or zucchini (you can make a healthy batch and freeze them)
7. Apple slices with honey (delicious but a little sticky)
8. Dried fruit like raisins, apricots, prunes
9. 100% fruit roll ups
10. Animal crackers
11. Squeezable yogurt or apple sauce
12. Fruit Kabobs (cut fruit on a stick and dipped in vanilla yogurt, or alternate strawberries, grapes, and cheddar or Colby cheese cubes)
13. Pure fruit popsicles (homemade or store-bought, bring in a cooler)
14. Ice cream cone or waffle bowl filled with yogurt or whipped cream and chopped fruit
15. Bananas and/or strawberries with semi-sweet chocolate chips or chocolate syrup (let kids slice the bananas with plastic knife)
16. Cereals that contains whole grains and are low in sugar
17. Trail mix (made from things like dried fruits, pretzels, mini chocolate chips and nuts)
18. String cheese
**Find out from your child’s teacher if any kids in the class have food allergies that you need to work around

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