Good News from Lockland Local Schools

Good News from Lockland Local Schools
Lockland Supporters,

I wanted to share some POSITIVE things people are saying about our school,  students, staff, and parents/volunteers. Recently, Lockland High School hosted the annual Lockland Invitational. For those who have not been to a band competition, it is a BIG deal…much planning and hard work goes into pulling off an event, especially in a way that leaves participants and spectators ready to return the next year.

Mr. Chad Welage, our outstanding Lockland Band Director, received several positive comments following our last invitational. He put it best when he said “even though we are a small school, we can accomplish (and are accomplishing) BIG things!” I could not agree more.

The following was a Facebook post from a former Lockland High School Band Member who is now a band parent herself:

“Sitting here at the Kettering Classic talking to some Middletown parents who were in my hometown earlier today at Locklands invitational.... So nice to hear good things about home and how great of hosts my hometown people were to these other band parents!! Makes me proud to have been part of the Lockland Marching Panthers!! Love and miss you all... Congrats on a successful invitational!!”

Finally, an email conversation between Mr. Welage and a band parent from another high school:

Parent: “Can you please tell me what time the Lockland band competition starts and ends?  Also the price please. Thanks J

Mr. Welage: “I'm sorry, I just got your email; I had a teacher in-service, (meetings), all day Friday and wasn't able to check my email as often as I usually do.  I hope you were able to make the competition and enjoyed yourself!  Chad”

Parent: “Yes, I got the information and as usual Lockland put on a fantastic band competition.  We are from Ross and always try to attend the Lockland competition because it is so well done and the people are so friendly.  My daughter has been out of school since 2004 but once a band parent always a band parent.  Have a great school year J

Mr. Welage: “Good. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you telling me that...that is nice to hear! I understand "once a band parent always a band parent" parents still come to all of my concerts and help with the band competition as well!  Thanks again, Chad”

Thanks for your support of our Lockland Local Schools! Go Panthers!


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