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Jennifer Clark


7th Grade Reading/ Language Arts

8th Grade Reading/ Language Arts


Phone:  513-563-5000 ext. 185

2017-2018 School Supplies List for Mrs. Clark 

The following items are supplies that your child will need in class each and every day: 

  • Composition Books-- These are the "old school" black and white notebooks with the pages sewn in.  The specific color is not important, but this must be a notebook where the pages are sewn in.  This is the only item I will be picky about, because spiral-bound notebooks lose their pages too easily.  Quantity:  4-5 should be enough to last throughout the year.  


  • Pens/Pencils-- We will write every single day.  Always always always bring a pen or pencil to class.  Quantity:  A lot! (There are approximately 40 weeks to the school year.  If your child can keep one pen/pencil for the week and lose it on Friday, 40 pens/pencils would be enough to last the year.  Yeah, we'll say 40 is a good starting point.) 


  • Pocket Folder-- Your child should bring one, two-pocket folder to class every day.  This will be used to store unfinished work and will travel with the student. Quantity:  2-3 (Middle School students can be tough on these folders, and they have a tendency to tear/rip easily.  Having some extras will make it easier for students to recover and stay organized when their folders explode.)

  • Binder-- This will be used to store graded work and finished projects. Additionally, this is where the student tracks the learning target for each day.  The binder stays in the classroom and does not travel with the student.


  • Filler Paper-- Loose notebook paper.  Quantity:  Several packs (3-4)should be enough to last throughout the year.


  • Personal Reading Book--   It can be from the public library, home, or my classroom library.  This book needs to be with you at all times.   


This next list is a list of supplies that will be used for the entire classroom.  Please consider purchasing 2-3 of these items and sending them in at the beginning of the school year so that our classroom will be stocked and ready.  Many of these items are on sale throughout the month of August.  They are listed in order of importance.  

  • Facial Tissues-- We go through a LOT of tissues! Remember: Fall= Allergy season, Winter=Cold/Flu season, and Spring=Allergy season, Part II :) If you know your child uses a lot of tissues, please send a box or two our way so that we will never have to run to the bathroom for a drippy nose. 

  • Hand sanitizer-- (See above) Every time a child uses a tissue, they should use a squirt of hand sanitizer.  

  • Disinfectant Wipes-- Nice to have during cold/flu season so we can wipe down the tables each day. 

  • Dry-Erase Markers-- I will create a stockpile of these markers so that when one dries up, there is another one ready to use.  

  • Post-It Notes-- We will use sticky notes to monitor our reading and help revise writing.  Having a basket of these will be extremely useful for many lessons/activities throughout the year.  

  • Tape-- We will keep Writing/Readers' Notebooks in a manner similar to a scrapbook.  I will often ask students to tape things into their notebooks.  Having lots of tape on hand will make this easier. 

  • Colored Pens/Pencils-- This will be another tool for teaching the revision/editing process of writing.  Having another color to write revisions is very helpful to show students the changes they want to make in their writing.