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The Skateboarding, Disc Golf, and Book Club is three clubs in one.  We put three ideas put together to make one fun and educational club.  We look forward to a lot of fun together!

  1. Disc Golf is a new thing for Gardner Park. The idea of this is to get the frisbee into the right basket number just like getting the golf ball into the right hole. With frisbee golf, we can also teach you the proper throwing stance and the proper way for the frisbee to do cool stuff and still make it into the basket.
  2. At the skate park we, will teach you many things like how to stand, move, ollie and do all sorts of tricks.  You will find out that skateboarding is not a crime!
  3. For the book club, we will use Gardner Park's natural setting as a place to read, discuss, and become individuals in the same way as American writer and transcendentalist philosopher Henry David Thoreau would have in his time.

Active Members
  • ThrowerThrower
    Mr. Parker
    Seth Moore
    Kristina Robinson
    Tyler Mitchell
    Kevin Jefferson
    Kyle Mitchell
    Amadou Ba
  • Thoreau-erThoreau-er
    Kristina Robinson
  • ThrashersThrashers
    Zach Logan
    Tyler Evans
    Kevin Jefferson
    Kyle Mitchell
    Kristina Robinson
    My'Asia Russia
    Tyler Mitchell
    Tyler Brooks
    Seth Moore
    Tim Lilly
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