Superintendent's Message

The Lockland Local School District began in 1851. We started before the technology age, before the space age, before the civil rights movement, before any of the World Wars, before the Cincinnati Reds, and even before slavery ended with the Civil War. I say all of this to emphasize our in-depth history.

During these past 165 years we have graduated students who have become world renowned doctors, lawyers, professors, law enforcement officers, mayors and military personnel. Our graduates developed the medication Benadryl, wrote the stories for several Academy Award nominated movies, sang in operas, became professional baseball players and professional race car drivers. We also have a multitude of state championships, and we have sent countless students to college on both academic and athletic scholarships.

Additionally, we have a very diverse student population. We are trendsetters amongst those who promote equality. We have documentation of our school’s diversity that goes all the way back to the graduating class of 1916.

History shows that successful schools and successful communities work well together. When schools prepare their students for life, it leads to communities that thrive because of their graduates. Our core business is to provide challenging educational experiences that maximize our student’s intellectual, social and physical potential to develop responsible Lockland citizens and Lockland leaders.

This year we have an intense focus on raising our students' academic achievement. We are striving to be one of Ohio's highest-performing small-school districts in the state.

I thank you for choosing Lockland Local Schools and invite you to join with us as we develop our strategic plan to help our students achieve and succeed.

Superintendent Ted Jebens