Third Grade

Third Grade:

3rd Grade Reading/Science - kim.large@locklandschools.org

Week #1: Hard Copy

Lesson 1 Not Just a Little

Lesson 4 People Working Together

Lesson 6 Night Animals

Lesson 8 Planting a Garden

Computer : MOBYMAX : Phonics, Language, SCIENCE (lessons will be assigned and monitored) - do 1 lesson a day in all 3 areas

Informational text - if no hard copy

Week #2: Hard Copy

Lesson 9 Storytelling

Lesson 10 Inventors

Lesson 11 Athletes

Lesson 12 Anansi The Trickster Gets Tricked

Lesson 13 Where the Iroquois Lived: Little Mud Face

Computer:MOBYMAX : Phonics, Language, SCIENCE - 1 lesson a day in each area (will be assigned and monitored online)

Literary Text - if no hard copy

Week #3: Hard Copy

Lesson 14 Smart Animals

Lesson 16 Recycling

Lesson 17 Studying Animals from the Past

Lesson 18 Trees

Lesson 19 Animals Are Not Allowed

Lesson 22 Birds in Summer and Winter

Computer: MOBYMAX: Phonics, Language, SCIENCE - 1 lesson a day in each area (will be assigned and monitored)

Reading stories - if no hard copy

Math / Social Studies - debbie.hoerst@locklandschools.org

Week #1 Hard Copy

Day 1 Adding/Subtracting Fractions (3 pages)

Day 2 Fraction Number Bond (1 page)

Day 3 Fractions of a Group (2 pages)

Day 4 Basic Multiplication Facts Caterpillar (1 page)

Day 5 Correct or Incorrect Multiplication (1 page)

Week #2 Hard Copy

Day 1 Division Fox (1 page)

Day 2 Place Value (1 page)

Day 3 Ordering Numbers

Day 4 Different Coins, Same Amounts (1 page)

Day 5 Area of a Rectangle (1 page)

Extra pages attached for more practice

Week #3 Hard Copy

Day 1 Writing Multiplication Stories (1 page)

Day 2 Problems w/sets (1 page)

Day 3 Missing Numbers Penguins (1 page)

Day 4 Before and After Numbers (1 page)

Day 5 More and Less (1 page)

Social Studies:

Speciality Shops and Shopping for Goods and Services

Feel Free to Fit these lessons in as you wish. (2 pages)

Computer Moby Max:

Continue doing Math Lessons-I expect at least 3 lessons working at your pace completed.

If you have any questions email me at debbie.hoerst@locklandschools.org or dojo me please.