Lockland students at UC

We're excited to unveil an impactful collaboration between Lockland Schools and the University of Cincinnati's BIPOC Teacher Pathway Program.

This initiative is dedicated to supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) individuals who are pursuing careers in education. Research highlights the significant benefits of having a teaching force that reflects the diversity of our student body. However, currently, only 7% of Ohio teachers identify as BIPOC, compared to the 31% of PK-12 students who are BIPOC. Through this partnership, Lockland Schools and UC are actively addressing this gap, promoting inclusivity and equity in education.

As part of this partnership, Lockland will introduce its first in-house College Credit Plus (CCP) course next year! This means students will have the opportunity to earn college and high school credits simultaneously, at no cost.

About UC BIPOC Teacher Pathway
The UC BIPOC Teacher Pathway project focuses on a search for knowledge and excellence, and enabling its students, faculty, and staff to immerse themselves in a community that seeks inclusivity, equity and is devoted to training BIPOC educators as well as bringing more professional and academic opportunities to the BIPOC community.

At Lockland Schools, we see ourselves as an ideal partner for this project as almost 70% of our student population identify as a race other than white. This project encourages a culturally competent learning environment for these students and provides an opportunity for students to consider being a college student and ultimately educators. This program will benefit not only the students within our district, but the Village of Lockland, the City of Cincinnati, and the State of Ohio.

In March, students got a chance to visit UC’s campus and talk with current UCBIPOC Teacher Pathway students, and learn more about the program. This collaboration holds immense promise for our students, our community, and the broader educational landscape. We're excited to embark on this journey together!