SALT members

Sitting in small groups dining on wings and other things in a Lockland High School classroom, members of the Student Athlete Leadership Team reflect on accomplishments of the 2023-2024 school year and focus on their future.

By all accounts, S.A.L.T. enjoyed a productive school year. Members elevated awareness of S.A.L.T. among their fellow students and, more importantly, found their voice as school leaders. Attending the Anthony Munoz Leadership Conference last fall may have inspired this year's success. The students are eager to build on their successes and grow S.A.L.T. in the 2024-2025 school year.

Associate Principal/Athletic Director Jon Payne introduced S.A.L.T. at Lockland two years ago after hearing inspirational stories from other school ADs. He’s pleased to see the leadership team flourishing at his school. Mr. Payne said he’s hopeful that over the past two years, the members have learned as much about themselves as they have taught him.

“It has been a tremendously rewarding experience for me to watch them learn and grow as young women and men,” he said. “Their future and the future of Lockland is headed in a positive direction with them leading the way. I am excited to keep this momentum going with the returning members of the group next year, as well as the new leaders we will be inviting to join us.”