Lockland’s newly formed Student Athletic Leadership Team (SALT) is inspiring students to make a positive difference in our school. These students were selected for SALT for their leadership abilities based on recommendations from head coaches.

“We started this group to get the student athlete's perspective on our athletic programs and culture. Our very first activity was to discuss the things we do well and what are some opportunities to improve, as a program and as individuals,” shared Lockland Associate Principal Jon Payne.

The expectation of SALT is to identify opportunities for improvement and be the leaders who are willing and strong enough to stand up and enact change, keeping the best interest of the school, programs, community, and students in mind. We also want the students to recognize and realize the leadership qualities each of them possesses and help them to develop and take advantage of their leadership capabilities. 

 Each SALT member has received a yellow hoodie to identify them as a student leader. According to Mr. Payne, students are so enthused about the initiative that the SALT is meeting once a month to share their voices and work towards positive change.