Amy M Spotlight

We're eager to help our community get to know our Panther family by shining the spotlight on some of our amazing educators. 

Name: Amy McLaughlin

Position: Second-grade teacher

What do you like best about Lockland Schools? 

One thing that I love about Lockland Schools is the sense of closeness with families that comes with working in a smaller district. I love not only being able to form close bonds with my students but getting to know their siblings and cousins that also attend Lockland. I have students whose parents graduated from Lockland and I think that just creates a sense of pride and community that you may not always find in a larger district.

What is your favorite Lockland tradition?

A tradition that I love at Lockland would be the Multicultural Fair. While we embrace and appreciate the diverse cultures within my classroom year-round, this event is a great opportunity for families and students to come together and share even more aspects of their unique cultures. Last year was my first opportunity to attend the event and it was so special to be able to learn even more about my students, try delicious foods, and watch my students participate in the fashion show.

Why did you become an educator?

I don’t remember the specific moment when I decided I wanted to become an educator, because it has been something I knew I wanted to do for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I would beg my younger sister to “play school” and even create worksheets for her to complete (yes, bribery was involved).  I have always loved working with children whether it be babysitting, summer camps, daycares, etc., so teaching seemed like a natural decision. I think the greatest part of being an educator and what keeps me going is to see students unlock their full potential. I love helping students grow and see their confidence increase as they realize they are capable of anything they set their minds to.

Favorite quote or personal motto?

I try to live by the idea that sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do, in order to get where you want to be. I apply this to so many areas of my life, whether it be school, working out, relationships, or any other goal I may have. This is an idea that I often share with my students on days when they may not feel like doing their reading, writing, etc. There are many times in life we will not feel like putting in the work, but putting in the work is necessary if we want to get results.  Things are not always going to be easy, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to quit moving forward.